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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of organizations use OpenAction?
Our application is valuable to a wide variety of groups that include universities, corporations, foundations, fellowship programs, conferences, alumni directories, political campaigns, individuals, and more.

What problem do you solve?
Individuals on the web are faced with information overload. You only have a short period of time to guide them to what they care about. If that content lives elsewhere online (Youtube video, CNN article, Linkedin profile, etc), you create an exit from your website and run the risk that your visitors might not return.
You can use our application to directly link your visitors to the content they care about without ever leaving your community’s umbrella. This leads to an improved experience for your visitors and a “stickier website.”

Is there a cost?
Yes. Our service comes with an annual subscription. This helps us cover hosting, infrastructure, and on-going enhancements. For a limited time, we are offering discounted rates as well as a free trial.

Are there any limitations on how the application can be used?
Not really. We built it with flexiblity in mind. To get started, we can sync with any existing data you have or can help you easily crowdsource your information. Customization is a breeze and the tool can be used with any major language.

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Letter from the founders

OpenAction was born out of a desire to bring greater discoverability in the social impact space. We were frustrated as great initiatives went under funded since they lacked tools to engage their donors. We watched in dismay as organizations reinvented the wheel side by side because they didn’t know about one another. We recognized that the right technology and incentives could open some of these communication channels and we set out with that goal in mind.

As we listened and learned, we began to develop a turnkey solution and quickly realized that it applies to all types of groups, including those outside the social impact space. We have since expanded our focus to a wider audience, but we will always maintain our core social mission. We invite you to join us on the journey.

- Your Friends at OpenAction