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For your attendees:

  • Search the Crowd: Discover who's here and who you'd like to meet
  • Create Contact Lists: Star contacts to track who you want to meet while at the event
  • Message Attendees: Tweet and send messages directly from the app
  • Take Notes: Write down key info about a contact
  • Reinforce Connections: Friend, follow, or connect on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Swap business cards: Easily swap contact info through the app
  • Never forget to followup again: See who you've met and who you want to follow up with
  • Sync with Address Book: Merge all the connections you've made into the system you use

For you:

  • Beef Up Your Sponsorship Packages: Offer sponsors an opportunity to extend their branded message while putting money in your pocket.
  • Win Attendee Loyalty: Provide them with the connections they need to justify returning next year.
  • Go Green: Save money on printing out large attendee booklets.

Collecting Attendee Info

Pick a Ticket Platform

There are several tools you can use for your online registration. We play nice with virtually all of them. Recommendations to consider:

Feel free to use another solution. Just make sure it exports to an Excel/CSV file.

Ask the right questions

Your best chance to capture key attendee data is when certain points of information are required for registering. View an example.
  • Ask attendees for their position and company.
  • Ask required multiple choice questions as these questions will become your filters.
  • Ask for Twitter handles and Public LinkedIn URLs.
  • Feel free to ask for additional websites such as personal blogs, company websites, or anything else.
  • You can download our helpful event checklist (pdf)

I Already Setup Registration

If you didn't capture this info yet, don't sweat it. You can send out a followup survey to capture the missing information. Feel free to use any survey tool to do this or use our template to get you started. Just create a copy of google form, customize the questions, and send out to your attendees.

Exporting Registration Info

Attendee data is used to build your mobile app and ensure only attendees have access. Our software syncs this data with shared public profile information to build a more social profile without duplication of any information. It also provides existing social channels for attendees to connect with each other.

Export from a ticketing platform

Select your ticket provider to get export instructions, then e-mail to

Don't see your ticket platform here?
Email and we'll do our best to work with you to do it.

Updating Attendee List

With our new July release this process will be automated, but until then just follow the same steps right before the event and e-mail the attendee sheet to

Promoting Your Event App

How do attendees download it?

The OpenAction app will be available in the iPhone and Android stores in June, for events prior to June, you can use QR Codes and to promote your mobile link.

Promoting your mobile app

Your mobile app will only be useful if people know about it. To get the most out of it, we strongly recommend you get the word out through several channels.

  • In your newsletter and email blasts
  • On your blog (example)
  • On Twitter and Facebook
  • Putting it in all print materials
  • Using signage and posters to get the word out

Advertorial Sponsorships

Image of event branded sponsorship

For more information on advertorial sponsorships, please contact

Premium Web Version


$500 includes setup and customization


Our web version allows you to create an vibrant community right on your website. It's as easy to embed as a YouTube video and is the perfect way to bring your attendees together while they surf the web at home.

How to Embed HTML Code

  • Embedding an OpenAction widget on my site
    • Copy the embed code from your email
    • Paste the code in to your blog or website
    • Resize the application to fit your site by playing with the height and width
  • Wordpress
    • Download the EmbedIframe Plugin for Wordpress
    • Unzip the file
    • Copy to your '/wp-content/plugins' directory
    • Activate plugin
  • Drupal
    • Copy embed code
    • Add content
    • Go to HTML mode
    • Change to full HTML
    • Paste in code
  • Joomla

Web-version Privacy

Most events use the web version publicly. Others embed the widget on a page that is only shared with attendees or behind an area that is password protected.


Currently, this is only available on our mobile version.

Attendee Privacy

Can anyone view my mobile app?
We authenticate all users by email before granting them access to your app. Only your registrants will be able to view your event's schedule and attendee list.

Will OpenAction use my attendee information in anyway?
We do not share your attendees contact info with anyone. We will not contact your attendees in any way other than through the app.

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