Who We Are

photo of John Brennan
John Brennan, Co-Founder, Product Development

Prior to OpenAction, John worked at Microsoft and in the defense industry focused on the development of technology and product vision of semantic web (web 3.0) applications. By the time John received his degree in Computer Science he had already started three ventures. During his down time, usually between product launches, he often thinks about how he can help loves visiting new lands, eating new foods and meeting new people.

twitter: @worldlyjohn

photo of Michael Wenger
Michael Wenger, Co-Founder, Partnerships and Marketing

Mike has a background in the nonprofit sector where he loved attending events and meeting people that shared his passion. He was frustrated as he felt that he was constantly falling out of touch with meaningful connections he met over the years. The idea of preserving his "networking circle" gets him really excited as he fulfills his role of developing Event Partnerships for OpenAction.

twitter: @wanderingwenger

photo of Zachary Held
Zachary Held, Sales and Customer Support

Zach began his career in sales for the digital publisher Thrillist. He watched as its subscriber base grew to over 2 million, which provided him with experiences and lessons learned that have proven key to OpenAction's success. He continues to carry out his new role as Director of Sales and Customer Support, helping to connect like-minded individuals at events.

twitter: @humbleheld